Why Bamboo?

There are just so many materials available to us these days, so we had to consider a range of different options when choosing one for our darling Etta swaddles. Most importantly, the material had to be soft, it had to feel good, and it had to look good. In the studio, Katherine used cotton muslin to settle babies, but quickly found that it began to feel rough after just a few washes.

It was after this that we came to Bamboo. And oh how we love it now. Bamboo is soft, and it only gets softer through washing. We must make important mention that this beautiful, and natural fibre is delicate for this reason. Ensure you love your Etta, but treat it carefully. Wash it gently, and dry it naturally, in shade for the most long lasting results.

Other reasons we adore Bamboo material for baby swaddles:

- Antibacterial properties

- Provides UV Protection

- Does not irritate skin, and is anti-static so it sits well next to the skin

- Moisture wicking, absorbing moisture away from your skin, keeping baby drier

- Thermo-control means Bamboo fabric is warm yet is also breathable. Consider Bamboo the swaddle that aims to please all year round! Keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer

- Environmental benefits including being biodegradable and naturally grown


Caring for Bamboo

As we all must do, we love the smell of freshly washed materials, and we wouldn't give you anything less. That's why all Etta swaddles arrive to you pre-washed.

In addition, our coloured range of swaddles have been meticulously hand dyed over the course of several hours here in Adelaide, Australia. For this reason, we ask that you wash your blanket separately from other items for the first few washes just as an extra precaution to prevent dye transfer.

Lastly, it is very important to note that being a delicate fibre, we highly recommend machine washing them using gentle detergent or softener and using a cold, gentle cycle in your machine.